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In my previous post I came with my views on INC and this time on BJP. In parallel to my puzzles on Congress, I developed some kind of affection towards BJP during my school days without knowingly and personality clout of A.B.Vajpayee has utmost influence on me. In 2004 elections, I literally prayed god for the win of BJP –TDP alliance in Andhra Pradesh and BJP in union, but god listened to the millions of voters in world’s largest democracy. Al though God was not the main agenda for BJP in 2004 elections but he indirectly became the reason for defeat of BJP, on whose name India’s worst pogrom in modern history: Godhra riots  occurred during the BJP regime in Gujarat. At that time, I don’t know the reason behind the defeat of BJP but following BJP party closely for 10 years, I came across to know many facts which astonished me and those may be some of the reasons for its defeat in 2004.

Going back to history, we can trace the origins of BJP from various Hindu religious organizations like Hindu Mahasabha, Ramrajaya Parishad etc. These organizations were formed on the basis of Hindu religious chauvinism and fundamentalism. Later, Rasthriya Swayam Sevak Sangh(RSS) was formed by VD Sarvarkar. Although ideologically similar to Mahasabha, it politically grows much faster than its parent organization. There is no need to explain the present day the relations between RSS and BJP and how RSS was key factor behind the policies of BJP. Nathuram Godse, who assassinated Gandhi, was a RSS volunteer and brain behind the plot was VD sarvarkar, which was proved by kapur commission in 1969. At that time, Vallabhai patel take stiff stance and made RSS expelled from politics. Shyam Prasad Mukharjee, who was the rising star of RSS, came out of the party and established Bharatiya Jana Sangh, which acted as political wing of RSS. After that, they can’t able to sustain in the politics on the basis of Hindu ideology or Akhand Bharat and not performed well in the subsequent elections. Later they merged with Janata dal in 1978 and took part in the formation of Janata government and held two important cabinet portfolio’s, AB Vajpayee as the foreign minister and LK advani as Information and broad casting minister. In 1980 they came out of the janata party and reequipped as Bharatiya Janata party on the basis of socialist ideology but it not yielded fruitful results and won only 2 seats. So once again they started to think on the basis of religious fundamentalism to grab the political power. Adding the fire to fuel was Rama Janmabhoomi issue in Ayodhya and subject was completely politicized by Adavni’s ratha yatra from Ahmedabad to Ayodhya. It spurred the Hindu religious tinge over the entire nation and made them to win 85 seats in 1989 general elections. Still, those seats were not enough to form the government or to play a crucial role in the national level politics. But the flame which was initiated was enough to capture power in states and formed the Government in Uttar Pradesh, where the heart of tussle Ayodhya was present. In a larger scale this time, directly planned to attack the Babri masjid in Ayodhya, which was bone of contention and claimed to be as a Rama janmabhoomi.Thousands of Hindu Nazis (actually they were karasevakas but for me they were no less than Nazis) flooded to ayodhya and BJP’s Kalyan singh government silently watched the tarnishing of Babri masjid ,within in a half day they made it into ruins .That was the day, India lost its secular nature and nearly 5000 people were killed in aftermath communal riots in various parts of the country. Unlike the Ratha yatra of 1989, death of 5000 innocent civilians gave productive results in 1996 elections for BJP and it became single largest party with 161 seats. It formed the government but it was collapsed within 13 days. In 2002 one more black mark in the modern history of India was Godhra riots, which results to death of 2000 naïve civilians. I can’t able to digest the idea, for gaining political power, was the death of that much naïve civilians was an imperative? According to me, present day BJP was raised in Indian politics to this position by stamping on the corpses of Indian citizens. Present Modi’s BJP is extremely double tongued, by effectively using the name of Gandhi in Swachh Bharat and Patel as statue of unity. But still it maintains close relations with RSS and unveiled the portrait of VD Sarvarkar in parliamentary central hall, who was the principal conspirator behind the assassination of Bapu and infuriating various defiant thoughts  against unity and diversity like Love jihad through Sangh leaders.


(I want proclaim myself as admirer of modi for his foreign policy and his vision for India but  hard core religious fundamentalism inside modi was intact bcoz he even not condemned the various religious statements by sangh leaders with in BJP. )