(This is a fiction created by me. All the characters depicted in this post are not resemblance of any real life persons, if anybody is hurt, I apologizing them initially…..)

There are four facebook friends of mine named Ram, Shyam, Raheem, Javed

Shyam is from most populous state of the country and where birth of lord Rama took place. He wants Rama rajyam or Akhand Bharat (Hindu state) and all Muslims should be thrown away to Pakistan. He criticizes movies like PK and OMG, which questions the existence of unethical superstitions in Hindu religion and believed in love jihad regardless of pure love. His views are like this

“Hinduism is the oldest religion on the earth and has great culture. Muslims are tyrants and ruled the country for many years tyrannically. Now also they are trying to establish their lost glory through love jihad by eloping Hindu girls”

Javeed is from most disputed state of the country, which is completely in state of war for most of the time. He shares updates supporting ISIS, Caliphate and violence on naïve civilians and believed in orthodox religious fundamentalism. His views are

“In a span of 100 years, Muslims conquered half of the the world and islam dominated the world for 800 years. Now Muslims are facing problems all over the world. So it is our responsibility to establish Islamic state as per the Shariah law  by waging jihad ”

Ram is Hindu and Raheem is Muslim and they have utmost respect to their respective religions and at the same time, respect towards other religions too…they share updates and posts on all the Hindu and Muslim festivals equally and participate in them without any objections thinking them as humans before a Hindu or Muslaman. Ram from north India and Raheem from south India. They share common views like

“Humans and their sense are greater than a religion. For them true religion is, god as your father and fellow man as your brother and it is basis for good morals.”